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We are one of the longest established riding schools in the Grimsby area. Established in 1948 by the Woodhead family in the grounds of Weelsby Old Hall.

We offer expert tuition to both beginner & advanced riders. We will help you improve your skills to whatever level you wish to achieve. We offer both full time and part time livery opportunities tailored to your needs.

We are a centre for The Pony Club & The Riding For The Disabled (R.D.A). We are approved & accredited by the British Horse Society (BHS), Association of British Riding Schools (ABRS) and by The Pony Club as a Pony Club Riding Centre.

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Weelsby Park Riding School
Mon 5th October at 20:07

HALF TERM WEEK we are arranging a few activities from Monday 26th October to the 1st of November

Tue 27th pony for a day
Wed 28th ABRS test day Please ask your instructress about these.
Thursday 29th HALLOWEEN PARTY 11 am start
Friday 30th Clear round jumping with Kate starting very low and then getting higher ???????????????
Sat 31st Canter Club HALLOWEEN 9am to11 am then normal riding
Sun.1st Nov Dressage Morning .
class1 Walk and Trot test
class2 intro test short canters.
class3 test 6
class 4test 6 for the more mature ladies who love to have a go
Get your entries in early as I already have some eager ladies for class 4 and the ponies are only allowed to go twice.

If the parties get filled up and there is a waiting list we will put another one in we cannot afford to upset Jill over Halloween she is
already very busy with the spells and other weird happenings that take place at this time.HOHO
I will take this opportunity to ask you to give me your names if you are coming on the BHS Essential Knowledge Course Advertised on this page .It is for anyone who wants to buy or loan a horse or pony in the future and over 12years are able to join the adults on this Thank you .

Weelsby Park Riding School
Sat 3rd October at 19:45

I am now a dog sitter .Poor Ralph has drawn the short straw and has been left unexpectedly in my tender care poor Ralph he doesn't know what he in in for.
Great excitement in the yard as we get used to the new arrivals and look forward to more arriving next week
Iggy who is the latest RDA pony is an absolute Gem .He is kind ,affable and tries his best to please what a find for them and what joy he will bring to those who ride him
JP has settled in well and I will have to keep him hidden or JP Sheffield will be pinching him back I hope we have him for at least two years.
The youngster Carl has sent up for Tracy to ride is absolutely beautiful and has settled in very well he has even visited the beach and paddled in the sea.
Natasha has arrived home after spending all the summer holidays helping Holly and is now at college studying for her teaching exams she is now so much more confident in herself. We have Mia here and Tash is hoping to find a grade one hacking home for her .So if there is anyone out there who can care for her please get in touch.
One comes home and another one goes off as Georgie Copley who is taking her stage three NVQ with us has been pinched by Holly to go and help out until the beginning of November She goes off tomorrow and we will really miss her but what an opportunity for her to gain experience with completion horses she is so excited.
Last tonight I have a very pretty welsh mare here who has been in Clair's tender care for a few weeks and she has turned a corner and is now starting to go like one of ours and she is for sale as I don't think she will be happy in the riding school if anyone is looking for a very nice horse with potential please get in touch. Goodnight x

Weelsby Park Riding School
Sat 3rd October at 12:41


We are looking for an experience person to join our team, working with a variety of horses from young stock to riding school veterans.
Must be motivated and enthusiastic.
Experience with competition horses would be preferable.
Hours by negotiation.

Weelsby Park Riding School
Sun 27th September at 20:22

News Extra !!!!! Please read the visitor post Holly has put on its about her Snoopy We all had lumps in our throats as we watched him go keenly into JP's box and as he whinnied bye bye.but we all know he will really enjoy his retirement and what a bedroom he has I could put all the back place ponies in it and they would have room to lay down. It is where Holly wanted him to retire and Emelia their little tot will enjoy looking after him
Thank you Snoops for being such a darling and teaching so many children I love you xxxxxxx

Weelsby Park Riding School
Sun 27th September at 18:20

a foggy start to the day but the yard was busy with Mums Grans and Children getting ponies ready to take competing.Di Brown was in her element and anyone watching the care and the finish to her Granddaughters ride for the day (I loaned her Widget)would have learned a great deal. Anya certainly did and it was like a breath of fresh air to see Di so happy and excited It was Anya's first ride away from weelsby and she did very well and we were all pleased with her Widget thought he had died and gone to heaven the last time he was out in the big wide world he was taking Amy and Holly cross country so he was very happy to be out .
Claire and her daughter Evie took Scout and had a go at a canter test in the first one Scout was naughty and bucked but Evie rode brilliantly and sorted him out and her determination bore fruit as she was 4th in her second test and that was with a penalty for going wrong well done for showing grit but take more care you don't throw marks away unnecessarily Evie
Third one who went was Alexia on midi.They did two tests and managed a very good 1st and 3rd place She rode well and as we went through her sheets the advice given to her was well worth her listening to.
The children and ponies looked lovely and I was so proud to see them all set off they were certainly a credit to Weelsby.

Weelsby Park Riding School
Tue 22nd September at 23:30

as well as Alexis and Evies trip out on Sunday Izzy and Georgie went off jumping. Quite an exodus from our gates but exciting to know more want to have a go outside in the big wide world. Izzy had a very good day with Cherry Pie gaining 2nd spot in the 70 m thus qualifying for the uk sports horse, the British riders championship and 2nd round of the trail Blazers not bad for getting a place in one class but she had another go in the80m and in the jump off over a 90mtrack she got 4th well done the pair of you .
Georgie had rather a checkered time of it for some reason she fell off in the warm up arena and then had a very torrid time in the 90m class but Georgia is made of sterner stuff than a lot of aspiring young ladies and had a good talk to herself and with encouragement from Izzie's Dad Kevin she went and rode absolutely superbly and won the one m class. I tell you this true story to show you how proud I am of our youngsters who do not give up at the first hurdle but jolly well have a go I am very pleased of what you achieved Georgia and I know you will now go on from strength to strength Well done both of you I wonder what next weekend will be like we will all have to wait and see.
On a final note this evening we are all pleased to see Tasha back from helping Holly all Summer .Its been a very big learning curve for a 16 year old and she has had to work very hard and learn to stay on some very fit horses but she will be able to go off to college[ I think tomorrow ],knowing the experience she has gained will be put to very good use Thank you Tasha Short for helping Holly get through this summer and we will take good care of Mia when she comes home.Goodnight.

Weelsby Park Riding School
Sun 20th September at 00:30

A good day for news today. Amy had a good ride on Carl Hesters young stallion at the championships and acquitted herself very well. In her words parts were a bit green but in others super so all looking good for his future.
Two eager beavers set off from Weelsby this morning to a riding club show at Winterton Alexia with Midi and riding at her first ever show came home with two rosettes and rode in a ridden class .I was very pleased with her as she has done dressage walk and trot classes but the thought of riding with a lot of others in an open field was rather daunting but she came home with a smile and a rosette well done Alexia
Evie took my pony Scout out and took him in an in hand class He won one and was second in the championship class a vast improvement as he has really tried Evie out in every way. She has been very good and has ridden him to orders very well He is one of the prettiest and best moving ponies I have ever had but he has had a bit of a mind of his own when it came to the riding bit .and I take my hat off to Evie for her dogged determination to win him over .we are progressing to riding classes soon and I have great hopes for Evie's future.

Weelsby Park Riding School
Wed 16th September at 17:49

NOW WE HAVE A DATE TIME AND PRICE this is for the BHS Essential Horse Knowledge Certificates.Start date 16th October then weekly 23rd 30th then Nov6th, 13th 20th test day 27th Nov

.Time .6 30 pm to 8 30pm

The cost will be £115 00 pp and this includes the exam and certificates.

We all hope you will take this opportunity to take part and the parents or adults thinking of a loan ,lease or buying will find this essential
.Please ask or ring if you wish to know any more details

this involves a top BHSI and Advanced ABRS instructress Tracy Rivett

Weelsby Park Riding School
Wed 16th September at 17:32

What a lovely day Sunday ended up. Holly jumped a beautiful round dislodging one pole on the way and ending up 21st and gaining an award as the best under 25 years of age. a very good result .I had a phone call from her today and she is off competing Saturday with her novices so its soon back to basics for her.
Kate took my pony Star out for an outing and a couple of in hand classes and she won a 1st and a 2nd. I was realty pleased as Kate and Claire had to give her some concentrated leading lessons to get a performance out of her.
Little legs LALA also had an outing and went in a class with Chloe OFF the lead rein and she was a very good girl and won one class and was 3rd in the next one aren't they getting good its a pity Chloe
has to set to and grow.
Out last trooper to hit the road was Izzy with Cherry Pie and they went show jumping and were very good .She had two good results and I am hoping she puts them out for all to see Well ridden Izzy So a good Day all round my aim is to see more children compete and do well .
Amy is on show this weekend at Stoneleigh doing the tests she has qualified for.and I do hope she does well. We will all be rooting for her here.

Weelsby Park Riding School
Sun 13th September at 18:49

We come to the end of a very exciting week .It certainly has not done my nerves much good and my nails are in need of attention but what a little star my granddaughter has proved herself to be. I am so pleased and proud of the way she has managed to keep her head and nerves together and finish a very creditable 21st in her first Senior European Trials. What a performance
Now I have to start all over again and go through the Dressage Championships with Amy who has four rides Being a doting grannie can be very hard sometimes. But well worth it xx

Weelsby Park Riding School
Fri 11th September at 20:07

Just had to share this with you .It has really amused me.Ian rang a short while ago and told me about Francis Whittington who is riding at Blair and who has formed an unofficial team which includes Holly Laura Collet and Gemma Tattersall and called them Frannie's Angels And they are actually in second place very unofficially what a hoot but it does give us more to follow tomorrow. Good luck to all of them.

Weelsby Park Riding School
Fri 11th September at 18:45

At the end of the second day of dressage at Blair Holly is laying 2nd. and the one in front by point 3% is a German gold medallist and the one who is third is another German gold medallist no pressure there !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.The British team are in second place and there are three of them in the top 10 so \Holly has friends up there with her .I am pleased she is going as an individual because it will give her time to think only of what she is doing and as it is her first time in the senior squad she needs to do her very best. I dread to think what I will be like watching her tomorrow it was bad enough watching Roz Canter last week I was gutted for her when she had her spot of bother but I was also thrilled she won best British newcomer and her write up in the H and Hound was very nice and encouraging Well done Roz . Ian helps her with her Dressage and she is a very good rider So now we wait for Holly and the rest of the British squad tomorrow Cheers

Weelsby Park Riding School
Thu 10th September at 17:58

Holly has pulled out all the stops and done a 31.7%dressage test and is leading the board at the moment at Blair. well done Luke you stayed calm and helped holly a lot .Now the long wait to Saturday. I will have to watch the rest of the dressage tomorrow all could change then.
Brilliant news also Flo appeared this morning.She leapt over the fence from next door's tennis court and flung herself into Jill's arms. We think she has been locked in somewhere because she was so thin and hungry. All is well now she can sleep it off.

Weelsby Park Riding School
Facebook IconThu 10th September at 17:00


Starting this October, date to be confirmed, but it will be a Friday evening, we are pleased to offer the new British Horse Society qualification.

Starting at Entry level with opportunities to further your knowledge with higher levels in the future.

This qualification is aimed at the first-time owner, parents of children with first ponies or older children who are potential horse or pony owners.

Minimum age for participation is 12 years.

Please contact your instructor or Mrs Woodhead to book your place. Limited numbers to ensure individual attention.

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Weelsby Park Riding School
Wed 9th September at 22:03

a very exciting and nail biting time for me as I wait at weelsby for this very important week in Holly's life. A phone call from Ian told me Luke is well and has passed his trot up ok and their test is about12 30 Thursday. Anyone who is interested in the British riders can see it on the red button on Saturday so I am informed. I wish I could be there in person but i am not fit enough to manage the terrain at Blair so I will have to glue myself to the TV .
We are all upset here as Flo seems to have gone walk about. She is the pretty striped cat with the four white paws last seen on Monday evening who likes to haunt me by sneaking in the house and sleeping on my bed. She knows its wrong but she is trying to wear me down. I am really upset she is missing I hope she is just visiting somewhere. If seen please send her back.

Weelsby Park Riding School
Sat 5th September at 14:24

What a change around here this week .Ponies going , Ponies coming, the girls are playing musical stables as they move them round by next week-end we will know who's who and where they have ended up
Little Eddie has gone back home to his original owners where he will hopefully live out the rest of his days. I think Grace will miss him a lot but I also think she has done the right thing by him.
Megan has now come to the end of her holiday and Clair is hoping to get her back as soon as the poorly Trooper is mended.
Fimbal is due back tomorrow and he will have to be called fatty fimbal I don't think Lily will get a saddle to fit him for a while I can just see her having to ride him bareback .He looks wonderfully well.
Shirley Kay has taken delivery of a very nice welsh section D with a real unpronounceable name but fortunately goes by the name Iggy ? A good looking pony we will soon know how suitable it will be but the signs are very promising A big boon for the RDA if all goes well.
Tracy's ride on Monday night has been postponed to Mon14th Sept .Apologies for this but she has had to alter her clinic in London so she is able to go to Blair with holly so we will forgive her this time as Holly gets first call on mum. Please let me know if that suits you all Thank you.

Weelsby Park Riding School
Sun 30th August at 15:00

Richard Burgess hello can you get in touch with me about your ride tomorrow glenys

Weelsby Park Riding School
Mon 24th August at 20:30

what a lovely time the intrepid ladies have had on their mini course day. Two different horses to ride but only one to groom except for Pookie who also stayed to ride Frenchie with Tracy tonight and whittled away the time grooming extra ones. they have all been in to see me to tell all that has been going on and Kate has given them a super time and enjoyed herself doing it..Tomorrow is going to be quite a novelty for them and we are all wondering what they will come up with. I only hope they are not all too stiff after their efforts today to do themselves justice. I see by the comments on my face book that Cara and Leanne fancy a go are there any more of you adventurous ones still out there.

Weelsby Park Riding School
Sun 23rd August at 22:37

I have had a wonderful Sat night and Sunday with Ian Amy Heidi and James.It was the spur of the moment outing for me arranged by Amy for my birthday Super.
Lisa kindly kept an eye on things and was here if anyone wanted help and Kate and Pat kept the rides going /.Thank you girls.
Next Friday is the dressage you can still enter but there is no show on Monday 31st August.I am postponing it until half term. Ian is doing an all day clinic and we will be hard pressed to cope if the weather is bad so most of the ponies can have a well earned holiday.
The good news is both Amy and Holly will be home next weekend and Holly will be here for two to three days and will give lessons flat or jumping to anyone wanting one .Please text her or leave a message on her phone if you know it or get in touch with me and I will let you have her number. She may even be here by Thursday.
It will be her last visit home before she sets off for the European championships at Blair castle let us all wish her and Luke success and a safe passage.

Weelsby Park Riding School
Fri 21st August at 18:25

The end of four weeks of joy and excitement. The children have been wonderful with barely a blip and what a pleasure to have them on the yard. All the ponies have been good and Claire Jill and Kate plus Lewis on a Wed.have kept everyone happy. The staff have been very good but a bit thin on the ground and it will be good when all are well and working again .Georgia is coming back tomorrow and when I saw her today she really does look her old self again .I am so pleased for her I think she even had a lovely ride on Bee.
Another bonus this week has been the company of my late sister Maureen's daughter Jo-anne and granddaughter Fay,who attended the four day course. How I wish they lived closer to Grimsby .Jo and I went out for lunch on Thursday and we ended up at the Brocklesby Ox where we bumped into Robin and Pat Bennett it was super catching up on news I must get out more often .We then visited [me for the first time ] Jo,s fathers place out at Thornton Abbey. He and his wife Rose have the shooting lodge there and it is beautiful with lakes ang gardens I was so pleased I went .
Monday and Tuesday we have the ladies days Hope to see you all around 9 30 ready to groom and do stable duties and on Wednesday we have ""A pony for a day "" and on Friday the Dressage and Combined Training You may still enter this as we still have a few spare ponies and horses Hope you all have a good week-end.

Weelsby Park Riding School
Tue 18th August at 14:35

What miserable weather for the start of week four. We have some very happy children here and although staff are thin on the ground help arrives from many unexpected sources. There was a quiz over lunch and when the teams had finished my niece Jo-Anne asked each team to write a poem .
Blue Team
Humans ride bareback
Out in the summer meadow
Riding free
Seeing the world go by
Eventually reaching the end of the path.
Red Team
Whenever I go riding
I ride on little Blue
Yesterday when I saw him .
for some reason he flew.
I looked up on his back
and saw something new
He had wings on his back
and a fairy too.
Clair and I were quite impressed and thought you would like to share them with us They are off riding again now and that good knight Lewis is galloping his way over to help Claire out at 4 00 pm. Thank you Lewis x

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