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We are one of the longest established riding schools in the Grimsby area. Established in 1948 by the Woodhead family in the grounds of Weelsby Old Hall.

We offer expert tuition to both beginner & advanced riders. We will help you improve your skills to whatever level you wish to achieve. We offer both full time and part time livery opportunities tailored to your needs.

We are a centre for The Pony Club & The Riding For The Disabled (R.D.A). We are approved & accredited by the British Horse Society (BHS), Association of British Riding Schools (ABRS) and by The Pony Club as a Pony Club Riding Centre.

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Weelsby Park Riding School
Thu 23rd April at 22:36

The indoor school is looking great .It looks bigger and smells much sweeter and the mirrors are so clean and bright the reflection is scary. Paul is not completely happy with it yet and on the way over to do a job on the docks he is calling in at 6am tomorrow morning to do a bit more. I only hope I can wake up in time to say Hi .He is a good lad and his partner Jane is really on the ball working with him.
Tomorrow is my oldest friend's big birthday. When my Father bought the stables in 1948 snowball had a pony here and so she has actually had a longer contact with Weelsby than I have .We both had a wonderful childhood here and found the place magical I think we both still do .Hope you have a lovely day Ann I am just peeved you are a bit younger than I am..xx

Weelsby Park Riding School
Mon 20th April at 21:19

I have had a visit to the dentist today .Arrived all primed up for the start of root canal treatment and ended up losing a tooth I have been instructed to eat rice pudding and ice cream !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! oh and no hot drinks or wine .Good job Lisa is in Birmingham at a trade do she certainly would not enjoy my company tonight
Now exciting news .my gorgeous godson Paul and his partner Jane have come to work a miracle on the indoor school Paul is an industrial cleaner and as a belated birthday present he is operating on the SHED as he calls it and making it look clean and cool I want to hug him from here to Christmas I am so excited but I have a funny feeling he might suggest more deep cleaning in the future but methinks I will have to sell a horse to get that done I am lucky he is doing what he is .doing for me .His sister Judy was one of my bridesmaids and I was one for his Mother Ann but that's another story altogether.

Weelsby Park Riding School
Thu 16th April at 15:24

We are getting very happy with our new rug and numnah room but I believe Tracy has already got her eyes on it for the liveries .I don't think she stands a chance as Marie has become very possessive about it and even started bossing me about as to what was going where and it made me chuckle but I did as I was told..
I am suffering aching arms trying to get hair off the rugs and numnahs they have sent me round to wash Marie is a godsend and does a lot of the washing but at times like this she has more than enough to do so I put in my eight penneth it does me good.
It was so lovely last weekend to have both Amy and Holly pop in
Holly had driven up to Market Rasen races with Sam who had a ride in one of the races .The horse did not do any good but it was very nice to meet Sam for the first time. What a lovely person he is
I hope we see more of him.
Tracy is having a ride on Monday 20th April at 6 00pm could you let me know if you would like to join Jane Mel Tash and Sam for a wonderful work out and very good company .

Weelsby Park Riding School
Sun 12th April at 22:58

If a job needs doing and you really need a helping hand all you need are three super stars in Jade Yasmin and Grace to get it done ,.Mollie did her bit but she had to keep popping off to help Claire and then superman stepped in as well and thank you Kevin we couldn't have done it without you.
Now I bet you are all wondering what we were up to cos I was there as well doing my bit. We were emptying and moving the huge rug container we kept in piper's end and the guts and determination of them all worked and it got moved and I now owe the older girls a drink Mollie will have to make do with a squash. Kevin I think I owe you a whole bottle Thank you all for helping with smiles and a lot of laughter and a few caustic comments. xxx

Weelsby Park Riding School
Fri 10th April at 20:11

What a super day to finish the Easter Activities .The tests all went well except for a few minor hiccups e.g. forgot test / failed to listen to commands properly/ temporally dried up / all these are mistakes that can happen to anyone and the best place to get over the nerves is among friends riding your favourite pony with people ready to help .Well done to all who took part and we will hopefully publish the points results soon. The standard is rising and it is a pleasure to listen to all the comments .
I would like to thank Di Brown ,Jo short , Kevin ,Jill , Kate And Claire for helping this week. Also a very big thank you to the rest of the staff who have done over and above their duties with smiles on their faces and still find time to help the children. THANK YOU

Weelsby Park Riding School
Thu 9th April at 23:09

Another lovely day for the riders and the ponies. Jumping a course this morning and clear round rosettes given to happy competitors for a job well done. Smiles all round.
THEN !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Saddles put on stands in the yard and cleaned by willing hands Yasmin doing a brilliant job starting on the soon to be new storeroom and getting the job well on its way.
Rugs washed dried and stored away ready to be moved to their new home when it is ready.
Kate doing her Carry On Trimming Stint and really enjoying herself doing it .and the ponies loving it as well
La la starting to get ready for her important outing on Saturday in the capable hands of Mollie. Ably assisted by Chloe
Jill busy with rides all afternoon and I must mention Lucy Gash who has spent over three hours de hairing Magic and then grooming her she now looks stunning and thank you Lucy please carry on the good work and Magic will love you forever.
Even I had a stint helping Izzy to do a spot of schooling for me on Brynn She was quick to grasp what I wanted and it was a successful lesson for both of them.
It has made my day to see the happy children and welcoming many new faces who have visited the yard today. Especially those on Holiday Tomorrow is Dressage Morning so it will be all systems go Let us hope for a dry and hopefully sunny day.

Weelsby Park Riding School
Wed 8th April at 17:00

What a super day .Jill has had a very happy pony day this morning she took the little riders across the road to practice their road safety then for a ride in the school and this afternoon games. Again we have had super help on the yard and the ponies are really loving it .
Please see your times below for Friday and get here in good time to get your horse or pony ready
Tomorrow we have clear round jumping so exciting times ahead I have spent nearly all day emptying and refilling the washing machine never knew we had so many rugs and thats only the small ones we can get into the machine Sally from Revive rugs called in this morning for the first batch of big ones .She really does make a good job of them .

Weelsby Park Riding School
Wed 8th April at 15:56

dressage times for Friday 10th April

class 1

10.00 - Issy - star
10.07 - Rosie - smokey joe
10.14 - Claire - megan

class 2 - walk and trot test

10.20 - Olivia foxen - albert
10.30 - ruby - snoopy
10.40 - Lucy wison - midi
10.50 - Abbe Haper - crystal
11.00 - Eleanor Boyliffe - Harvey

class 3 - prelim

11.15 - Alexia - blue
11.22 - Holly W - piper
11.29 - Ellie Jayne - albert
11.36 - Holly - indi
11.43 - Isobel Cook - cystal
11.50 - Libby whittock - Harvey
11/57 - Joshua - Piper

class 4 - prelim 10

12.10 - Amelia W - magic
12.17 - Lynne - lizzie
12.24 - Fiona - widget
12.31 - Dillon - scout
12.38 - Evie - peaches
12.45 - Geogia - cody
12.52 - Issy - star
12.59 - Ellie May - magic
1.06 - Anya - Lizzie
1.13 - maddy - indi

Good luck everyone see you on friday

Weelsby Park Riding School
Tue 7th April at 22:16

Emma Wells rose with the dawn on Sunday and took Samwise [Sam] to a qualifier for the BD Para Summer Championships Her results have given her a one third qualification towards the big day well done Emma and Sam she managed to get over 71% in one of her tests.
The next fairy footsteps waking me up were Kevin Izzy and Georgia .They were off to Sheep gate I think and they both rode well and Cherry Pie gained three rosettes doing very well in a hunter class with about 23 horses against her and Bee with Georgia gaining two seconds It is so nice to see the riders going out the yard to compete they are gaining in experience all the time and that is what we need for the future .
Izzy is going to give star an outing this week and this will be a very big adventure for them both. I will be very keen to see how they both get on.
Kate is continuing to trim all my ponies up and they are really enjoying all the attention .The children who have come down are doing a brilliant job curry combing all the winter hair off the ponies. The birds are having a field day lining their nests in all the different coloured hair. Thank you girls for making the ponies feel more comfortable. I must also thank a young man today who helped my staff get all the water butts out of the paddocks and give them a much needed spring clean. Thank you Filipe you are a star.
Tomorrow we have Pony For A Day and if the weather is like today everyone will have a ball.
Nice to have Ian here for his Clinic today and lovely to meet up with his clients and see their talented horses they all seem to drink copious amounts of coffee it must be the adrenal they all require for the energy needed to get through a lesson with my son.
Very good day Goodnight all.x

Weelsby Park Riding School
Sun 5th April at 15:52

The Canter Club Easter party was a great success on Saturday morning .The mounted games, .actually Jill gave them the lane games ,were without too many hiccups in fact they went very well and then seeing all the little legs running round the park looking for the eggs caused quite a laugh specially when they were all going the wrong way. Jill then gave them all the bits and pieces to decorate a bonnet the results were very good and I do hope the parents were suitably impressed when the children took them home.
Today Sunday, Amy is home and she has been taking some lessons it has turned out to be a beautiful afternoon and quite warm .Claire's little Ruby has had a lovely birthday party over lunch time and I have been given a piece of chocolate cake by
Ruby yum yum! The little tot looked super when the party started in all her new birthday gear but when she came into my kitchen to thank me for the ponies her mother and I were in stitches at the state she was in God Bless her it was clearly a Good Party .

Weelsby Park Riding School
Thu 2nd April at 20:18

We have had a ball today at Jill's Easter Egg party and we have seen two of the best decorated hats ever. All I hope is we get a good photograph or two of the children today and especially one of the hats.
Saturday is the Canter Club party and the children all have to decorate a bonnet I am really looking forward to that and see if we have any budding designers among them.
Some of the parents have asked today if we will do more days like today for the little ones so at Whitsun we will have a teddy bears picnic for them .I will put a date up early so that you can book a place and the kiddies won't miss out
We also had some very keen helpers down today and I noticed they were tack cleaning . They were making a good job of it and they cleaned up beautifully when they had finished..
Please do not forget the Dressage competition on Friday 10thApril
there are still a few places left and being on the Friday we have more time. So come on and have a go.

Weelsby Park Riding School
Wed 1st April at 17:15

Thank you Kate for a job well done today. Very constructive lesson nail biting at times exciting as well in places .From the feedback lots of practice needed so we must do more. Thank you Di and Jill for the help given to Kate. Well done all you riders.
for the turnout of your ponies
Tomorrow is hunt the eggs day Georgia has been helping Jill with the clues !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! On reading them I dread to think where the children will end up Search parties at the ready Huge laughs all round a good party day in the offering .Roll on Easter

Weelsby Park Riding School
Tue 31st March at 19:11

Mel Jane Sam and any other aspiring young lady who would like to join them Tracy has re arranged her ride for Monday 13th April. I hope you can all make it 6 pm
Happy Easter everyone Jill has me wrapping up surprises for her Canter Club pass the parcel game at their party on Sat I dread to think what she will have me doing tomorrow .
It is very nice to see children down this week grooming the ponies .They all love a bit of love and fuss and its good for the children to get to know them better If they keep it up I will have to award a prize to the best groomed pony at the end of the holidays.

Weelsby Park Riding School
Mon 30th March at 13:43

Urgent Mel and Jane Tracy in London and will not be back in time for tonight .Unavoidable as she is away early morning from London I really am sorry i will re arrange for you g x

Weelsby Park Riding School
Sun 29th March at 19:03

Two very happy young ladies arrived back today with very big smiles on their faces .Izzy and Cherry Pie went out jumping and came 1st in her class with the fastest time in the jump off and Little Chloe fortunately getting over chicken pox in time to compete took LALA out and had a 1st in the Shetland and miniature young handler a 2nd and two 3rds One 3rd was in the leading rein and I am impressed with Kate and Chloe because little legs has to compete against pure Welsh ponies and quality lead reins and to get placed is really great. Well done Izzy and Chloe
Now to Wednesday the 1st April and the jumping lesson with Kate ,.The response has been great and as a result we have had to split it into two separate rides The first ride starts at11.00am and runs until12 30pm
riders are Lily Cox, Alexis, Josh ,Ellie Jane, Bethany, Hannah, And Charlotte'.
The second ride starts at1.00pm to2.30 pm
Riders Dillon Anya Taya, Maddie ,Maya, Molly And Yenna.
We hope you have all remembered which horse/pony you have booked and we hope you will have a go at helping get it ready. Please take note of the time of the rides we have split them so it is safer and you all have a better lesson
Please also let your friends know if they do not read our blogs

Weelsby Park Riding School
Thu 26th March at 12:46

I cannot stop laughing this morning .Holly has put one of her latest exploits on face book .going out with clients for a meal in London's West End she finds as she totters into the restaurant she has odd shoes on .it couldn't have happened to a nicer Grand-daughter .Only holly could get away with it Bless her.

Weelsby Park Riding School
Mon 23rd March at 22:38

It has been a very busy time trying to get the paddocks harrowed and ready to fertilise .the wind blew just at the right time and dried them out so we could get the tractor onto the grass without causing damage and Kevin's son Alec has made a good job of it Thank you young man you have done us a very great favour.
I have let Holly take our lovely welsh pony Lucky back to her stables Izzy has ridden him so well and got him out and jumping courses. I think they have both benefited from each other and it is now time for Lucky to go. I have let her have Star instead and Amy is very happy at how the partnership is progressing if Izzy can keep on as she is doing we will make a very good young pony rider of her of her in time .
The activities at Easter have been filling up but there are still some places on the pony for a day on Wed 8th April and there are a couple of ponies left waiting for little jockeys on the Easter Egg Party on Thursday 2nd April.
Tracy is having a ladies ride on Monday 30th at 6 o'clock so please let me know if you would like to take part .She really takes good care of you and everyone has a good time.
I would also like to congratulate the staff on how they are managing the yard this past few weeks .They are happy and smiling and as a result all the horses and ponies are happy as well Thank you girls you are great and make my life so much easier .

Weelsby Park Riding School
Sat 14th March at 16:43


Emma Wells And Samwise [known fondly as Sam ] are the Para Dressage Restricted Winter Champions. They are now on the way home from Vale View . .Emma won this title in 2013 and has succeeded again in 2015 We are all very happy at Weelsby I bet Shirley Kay and Jenny Leggett are very pleased as well We will try to get a photograph to show you all.
Well ridden Emma

Weelsby Park Riding School
Thu 12th March at 16:18



10.30AM TO 12.30PM






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