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We are one of the longest established riding schools in the Grimsby area. Established in 1948 by the Woodhead family in the grounds of Weelsby Old Hall.

We offer expert tuition to both beginner & advanced riders. We will help you improve your skills to whatever level you wish to achieve. We offer both full time and part time livery opportunities tailored to your needs.

We are a centre for The Pony Club & The Riding For The Disabled (R.D.A). We are approved & accredited by the British Horse Society (BHS), Association of British Riding Schools (ABRS) and by The Pony Club as a Pony Club Riding Centre.

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Weelsby Park Riding School
Wed 23rd April at 21:44

We are back to earth with a bump today .Horses to school and groom and Spring Cleaning beginning in earnest. The usually very well dressed and very smart Michael looked as if he had developed a bad bout of measles by lunch time today as he literally attacked a block of stables with a paintbrush .He was just as enthusiastic the other day with the power washer I must admit he got the stables painted in record time Fran called in and was amazed at what was getting done as she was the great decorator before she left us for pastures new.
Cameo has arrived home again after her valuable stint at horse sitting so we will have some very happy children when they see her.
Amy is hoping to be home for the weekend the 3rd and 4thof May please text her if you would like a lesson with her and don.t forget it is the clear round jumping on the Monday 5thMay
Now to make the list out for more paint got to keep Michael busy as he is off power grooming abroad on Sunday for a week.

Weelsby Park Riding School
Sun 20th April at 21:00

What a lovely week-end we are having at Weelsby With the news coming in from Amy and Holly
Amy has been in touch and has won a 5year old Badminton qualifier today on Carl Hester's Ekitof . What makes it so much better for me is that she has been trusted to ride the horse at it's first show this year while Carl is away at the World Championships. There is a wonderful back up team there and it obviously works . I am a very proud Grannie tonight .Wish I was close enough to hug them both

Weelsby Park Riding School
Facebook IconSun 20th April at 12:37

Weelsby Park Riding School added 22 new photos.

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19 April showjumping competition

Weelsby Park Riding School
Sun 20th April at 10:06

Brilliant result yesterday at Burnham Market for Holly in only her second ride in a cic three star event. She finished 7th 42 dressage and then a double clear. With her showing at Belton she is now qualified for Bramham and she is over the moon with that. What a star Luke is .
Close to home we had fun and games with a jumping competition here and although a couple had slight mishaps the determination shown by all is a clear indication that there is improvement all round There were no tears but plenty of smiles.
The next dressage competition will be on Whit Monday May 26th
There will be at least four classes to choose from and you can pick up your entry form from me as soon as I put the schedule on line.
On May day we are going to have a Pick your Hour jumping competition.?????????????****** Starting at 10 am with 50cm jumps and 11.oam 60cm and 12noon 75 cm and for the really brave 1.00pm 90cm .Run on a clear round format no jump off

Weelsby Park Riding School
Sat 19th April at 12:42

Saturday 19th April show jumping competition

1st - Issy - lucky
2nd - Jessica - blue
3rd - molly - crystal
4th - Aisha - piper
5th - Ally - scout

1st - Issy - cherry
2nd - molly - crystal
3rd - Ally - scout

well done to everyone who took part!!

Weelsby Park Riding School
Facebook IconSat 19th April at 09:51

Weelsby Park Riding School added 9 photos.

Hurrah ****** My friend Di has managed to put the pictures of the Egg Hunt Day into Weelsby's Facebook. The onesies are very pretty and the children very happy.to see more you will have to trawl through the photos section .HOPE THIS WORKS

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Weelsby Park Riding School
Fri 18th April at 19:38

Jumping Schedule April 19th

9 -10 am canter club clear round jumping --£2.00 if you want a rosette .Canter Club only.

Class I
10 am -50 cm

Class 11
65 cm

Class 111
I m

Please be on time specially Canter Club members.

£ 6.00 a class


Weelsby Park Riding School
Thu 17th April at 22:00

What a happy sight this morning from my upstairs window, Little girls in brightly coloured onesies laughing in the yard as they got their ponies ready for the Great Easter Egg party. I got my phone out to take a photo only to find the battery flat, typical, fortunately Di has taken some very good picts of the children on the ponies and Jill [in a very flamboyant onesie and her hair in bunches]a sight not to be missed had some snaps taken of them all snoozing on the grass. I must admit the enjoyment of the children was infectious and these days are so worthwhile putting on just to see how the children enjoy themselves.
Oh!!!! HAPPY DAYS !!!!!!!!!

Weelsby Park Riding School
Wed 16th April at 17:10

I have really enjoyed watching busy people very small ,small ,medium and large working in the yard today,. Ponies have been brushed, Feet scrubbed and tails washed . The children loved it and the ponies really enjoyed all the attention they were getting while the sun was out. I do hope the weather lasts a few more days or rain tomorrow will wash all our hidden Easter Eggs away. Get the cameras out for photos of all the onesies.
The jumping evening was a great success Grace Georgia and Izzy enjoyed the outing and Sam was over the moon with her horse ,It jumped well for her and was a very good boy with Lewis,

Weelsby Park Riding School
Tue 15th April at 16:45

Saturday 12th April dressage results

test 98:

1st - Claire - megan
2nd - Issy - lucky
3rd - Emma - lizzie
4th - Issy - cherry pie
5th - molly - magic
6th - lucy B - frenchie

prelim 7

1st - Jessica k - albert
2nd - Georgia - lizzie
3rd - Jessica c - piper
4th - Evie - peaches
5th - Issy - lucky
6th - Anya - piper

walk and trot

1st - Katie b - albert
2nd - Isobel c - blue
3rd - Amber - blue
4th - Lucy b - crystal
5th - Alexa - snoopy
6th - sophie - sam

Weelsby Park Riding School
Mon 14th April at 16:38

Another very nice day >Sun out ,Happy smiles all round .Tracy busy with lessons .Grace Georgia Lewis and Izzy getting ready to go jumping practice this evening Lucky going to try his chances round a jumping course for the first time.I love it when there is a buzz round the place. Even better was to see the birthday children enjoying themselves at Sophie's party today. Yesterday it was Alexas party and the ponies are full if treats from some very Happy Children enjoying themselves this weekend
On the other hand there are a couple of places left on the activity day this coming Wednesday if any children want to come and join in. There is also the jumping comp on Sat. when a whinny and woof will be included as the second class of the day. Entries still being taken for this jumping event.

Weelsby Park Riding School
Sun 13th April at 17:00

We had a very good day on Saturday even though it turned so cold .The standard in the various tests is really improving and next time I will put test 12 back in for the riders who are ready to go on from 7 but are not quite ready for the novice test. I am really impressed by the parents who turn out to help the little ones groom and plait up .The ponies and children look really super and everyone is so encouraging .
A list of winners and points will be posted soon.
A big thank you again to Kevin who is the most marvellous organiser, and can keep even me on the ball. And---- another thank you to Di and Lisa.
I have discovered over the many years I have been here, in house competitions can really help the riders improve horsemanship and more important confidence but if you don't have the backing on the ground it cannot keep happening .I am so lucky or blessed to have wonderful people who are willing to help and do the things for me which I now find more difficult. Thank you

Weelsby Park Riding School
Fri 11th April at 16:07

Saturday 12th April dressage times

class 1: TEST 98
9.00 Issy - cherry pie
9.10 Emma - lizzie
9.20 Molly - magic
9.30 Claire - smokey joe
9.40 Lucy B - frenchie
9.50 Issy - lucky

class 2 - WALK AND TROT

10.00 Sophie - sam
10.10 Amber - blue
10.20 Charlotte - snoopy
10.30 George - midi
10.40 Katy B - albert
10.50 Lucy - crystal
11.00 Maddy - pepsi
11.10 Isobel - blue
11.20 Alexia - snoopy
11.30 Jessica - albert

class 3 - PRELIM 7

11.40 Jessica C - piper
11.50 Lucy g - crystal
12.00 Charlotte - Harvey
12.10 Issy - lucky
12.20 Evie - peaches
12.30 Brooke - widget
12.40 Geogia - lizzie
12.50 Anya - piper
1.00 millie - pepsi


Weelsby Park Riding School
Tue 8th April at 20:12

Hunt The Egg Dress Code Onesies and riding Hat

Thursday 17th April at 10 30 am £ 25.00

.Calling any child who fancies themselves as a budding Sherlock Homes you can choose a partner [a pony] and set off on a great Egg hunt .Hopefully you will all have found your egg by lunch time. I am hoping Jill hides them well but not so well they cannot be found. The egg is yours to eat, one a rider ,and a special prize for the most flamboyant onesie.
I have had a very enjoyable day with son Ian Arriving at 7.00am he has had quite a long clinic with very enthusiastic and dedicated riders. At a risk of repeating myself we do have some very talented riders in this area and Ian fully agrees with me.
Now to try and get a good nights sleep to get ready for the invasion of little people for the activity day tomorrow
Love it

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