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We are one of the longest established riding schools in the Grimsby area. Established in 1948 by the Woodhead family in the grounds of Weelsby Old Hall.

We offer expert tuition to both beginner & advanced riders. We will help you improve your skills to whatever level you wish to achieve. We offer both full time and part time livery opportunities tailored to your needs.

We are a centre for The Pony Club & The Riding For The Disabled (R.D.A). We are approved & accredited by the British Horse Society (BHS), Association of British Riding Schools (ABRS) and by The Pony Club as a Pony Club Riding Centre.

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Weelsby Park Riding School
Fri 30th January at 23:20

Are there any more energetic young ladies out there who would like a gentle please note the word gentle work out with Tracy on Monday there are a couple of lovely horses longing for a rider I have put you other ladies down who are already coming Let us hope the snow stays away roll out the mulled wine ?????????????

Weelsby Park Riding School
Fri 30th January at 23:06

I wonder if anyone can let me have Jane Francis; Telephone number You can ring me if you want to keep it quiet or tell Jane I am trying to get in touch Thank you Glenys x

Weelsby Park Riding School
Mon 26th January at 20:02

I am so pleased to see Ian home again after his week skiing .You do all like the danger sports don't you I ice skated for many years but I never grasped how to put on the brakes so every time I wanted to stop I ran into the barrier I never risked trying to ski as I could not visualise how to stop .No reins on a ski /////
Half term will be here soon so there will be an activity day or pony for a day for any young riders wanting to have a go .I am alsotrying to arrange jumping lessons .as quite a few of you have requested one. Please let me know if there is any interest.

Weelsby Park Riding School
Sat 24th January at 21:34

Amy and Holly have set off on their winter holiday .Actually its part of holly's 21st birthday present and Amy has gone to keep her safe which to me is quite amusing .I don.t really know who should be the minder out of the pair of them.
The Dressage Tests have been sorted and all that remains are the entries to come in and which horse or pony you would like to ride .Please remember they are limited to how many tests they do
Tracy's lesson is going ahead on Monday 2nd Feb. Sam called in today and booked herself in .How lovely to see her with her son and daughter beautiful children .and so well behaved. The little girl is starting riding lessons in Feb. and so it continues Grannies. Mums Dads and children I really believe we must be doing something right to have so many generations keep coming.Long may it continue and thank you all for your friendship through the years.

Weelsby Park Riding School
Mon 19th January at 20:43

I am very sorry the ride was cancelled tonight but Tracy was in no fit state to take it as she had to put one of her labs to sleep today and after all the time she had spent looking after it she was so gutted I sent her home. The ride has been postponed until 2nd Feb so you can put your name down for that one .Just let me know.
Clair's first week's course has only one place left .It will suit anyone on a 5 15 pm standard ride but she has the chance of a second week later in Aug so if you don't want to be disappointed you can book on that one.
Jill and Lewis' four days are not filled yet so you can talk to them about availability.
We have had some pleas for help from some of the dedicated mums who wish to help their children on competition days and we would like to know when and if you have any spare time when you can come and learn how to plait and tack up. All the staff would be delighted to help you as I know some of the children are really too small to do it themselves.
Talking about the Dressage Competition we are starting again in Feb. The tests are being altered and I think you will really enjoy the change .Your instructors will take you through them on your rides so you will see how easy they are but it will give you more to think about I hope you will all be giving me your entries after this coming weekend
Now a query Would any of you adult riders out there be interested in a three day course for yourselves maybe in the summer holidays. you can groom .tack up Play games hack have flat and jumping lessons in other words have a great time .Let us know as we have to have enough partaking to make it viable Why should the kids have all the fun!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Weelsby Park Riding School
Fri 16th January at 16:20

Xmas been and gone New Year nearly a distant memory and now its time to get on with 2015 .
The new Dressage series is due to start on Saturday Feb.21st and the classes will be 1 Walk and trot 2 A prelim with limited canter for the ones who did the walk and trot last time 3 harder prelim 4 novice The entries will be opened 24th Jan so get in touch and remember entry money before the date please. We are hoping to have a series of six competitions the last one being the Championship Show.
I do hope those of you who have visited the yard have seen the super photograph we have hung in the inside yard tack room . Please note also July 28th -31st Claire's camp. 4th-7th Jill's camp. 11th-14th is Lewis's camp please book in ASAP as spaces are going quick!!

Weelsby Park Riding School
Facebook IconWed 14th January at 21:56

Congratulations to Dylan Webster - he is the proud owner of "Most Improved Rider" trophy - his tenacity and bravery knows no bounds !!! He has hit the deck on many occasion lately - and has cheerfully got back on every time - well done Dylan !

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Weelsby Park Riding School
Wed 14th January at 17:09

Good News!! Tracy is going to do another lesson Monday 19th starting at 6pm. Please get in touch ASAP for your slot , first come first served!! I have put your name down Melanie (hehe)

Weelsby Park Riding School
Wed 7th January at 19:36

I love it when you all write about your favourite ponies they remind me of some of the hilarious times we had on the rides when things did not go quite to plan.I cannot imagine what some of the parents of today would do if we repeated the fun and games we had years ago;
Now I want to congratulate the pupils from the Holy Family Catholic Academy who rode with us for six sessions last term.They were a very enthusiastic group of children and they were a pleasure to have on the yard. They have all gained a good pass mark in the ABRS Equitation test one. I think that is very good for the limited time they attended .Well Done to all of you and your Certificates will be with you soon
If any parents reading this would like to ask their children's instructor about these tests they are official ones and can be very helpful and we can put on test days.

Weelsby Park Riding School
Mon 5th January at 21:30

What a lovely day on Sunday when Ian Amy Holly all managed to get back to Weelsby for Holly's 21st We all had a lovely family day and I believe the plan is for Holly to have a party later in the year i am not in the loop for that one yet ???????????
I had a visit from Linda Oxley today she always manages to call in at least once a year and we play catch up.A very interesting conversation took place about her first riding lesson here on a pony called Prince it was 64 years ago and we both remembered it very well. We had a laugh about how long ago it seems When she had left to do her good deed for the day ,Baby sitting her Grandchildren I received a phone call from a lady who rode with me 40 years ago her favourite pony being May wee with Mario and Red close behind .She is going to have a gentle return to the saddle and I am really looking forward to seeing her again.
The conversation with both Linda and Julie made me think about the lovely ponies and horses we have been fortunate enough to have had here for children and adults to ride. Many ponies have one or two owners in their lifetime but the ones here have brought joy and the sense of achievement to hundreds of riders and are still remembered with love and affection by those who have ridden here over the past70 odd years ;.Some I must admit because of their very strong willed attempts to do it their way and not the riders 'causing amusement all round .
One of these days I must make a list of all those I can remember and what they got up to when they were on the rides it will make very interesting reading Good Night and God Bless

Weelsby Park Riding School
Wed 31st December at 17:49

Here we are at the end of 2014 and shivering into 2015.Lovely to see Ian here this morning and hopefully we will see him and the girls at the weekend.
I want to thank Marie Jill Lewis Michael Claire Kate Grace Georgia Jade and Christianna who between them keep Weelsby on the go. There are many others who help out and I would like to mention Jo ,Kevin Tracy Di and Lisa .The list can go on and on.and I am so very grateful for all the help I am offered .
I would like to wish everyone a very Happy New Year and I do hope that many dreams will come true this coming year .Good Health and prosperity are wished to you all .
Tonight I will raise a glass of rum and coke and drink a toast to all my friends and clients
Thank You Glenys x

Weelsby Park Riding School
Sun 28th December at 10:59

Dressage times for Monday 29th of December

Test 7

10.00 - Maddy - indi
10.06 - Jessica C - piper
10.12 - Lucy B - little eddy
10.18 - Amelia - magic
10.24 - Evie - megan
10.30 - Maia - widget
10.36 - Emma - smokey joe
10.42 - Alice - snoopy
10.48 - Anya - indi
10.54 - Emma fenner - magic

intro test

11.15 - Katie - blue
11.21 - Alexis - snoopy
11.26 - holly wools - crystal
11.32 - Sophie - cody

combined training

11.45 - Issy - lucky
11.51 - rosie - smoky joe
11.57 - William - Shamus
12.03 - Georgia miller - cody
12.09 - Ellie mae - widget
12.15 - Issy - cherry
12.21 - Ellie jane - blue
12.27 - Tash - frenchie
12.33 - Emma jane - blue
12.39 - emma clark - peaches

jumping for combine training will start at 1.30
roll out the barrel will start at 2.30 £5 entry
chase me Charlie time permitting £5 entry

Weelsby Park Riding School
Sat 27th December at 20:20

We have been very pleased to hear both Amy and Holly got back to their respected places of work safely. Allan and I had a very bad time worrying about them both when the weather turned so bad but all is well.
all my staff but one made it back to work today and did they prove their worth .Jill had to unhook a stranger who had got into one of the paddocks and who's chain was fast round my fence. It was a visitor from one of the fields down Peak's Lane Jade and Georgia took it back for me and let it go with it's mate .I had rung the owner but got no joy. I am pleased it only managed to bust a limited amount of fencing but it churned the part of the paddock it was in to a mud bath.
There was also a flood outside the school and again Jill and her sons came to the rescue and managed to divert all the water down the park and got the drain working Jill is very good in any emergency and.Kevin was also helping and he got covered in mud .I have decided he is like a second son to me he is such a help God bless him.
This afternoon was totally different when Joanne and Chris her husband and her two children Luke and Faye called in.They are my dear sister's daughter and grandchildren how I wish she was here to see them she would be so proud of how they are growing up .They are such a credit to her and all so talented .They made my day
Tomorrow I am not looking forward to if it's anything like this morning I will have to have some Xmas cheer with the 11.30 ride they always cheer me up. Roll on 2015 .

Weelsby Park Riding School
Thu 25th December at 15:06

Thank you Tracy. Michael ,Lewis , Marie and Grace .The horses and ponies also thank you for turning up and watering feeding and mucking out at some unearthly hour this morning. I do hope the rest of your day has been really enjoyable. Amy and Holly are finishing off tonight so that will be nice. Ian called in this morning so we have managed to see nearly all our family today We hope you are all having a really nice time and as a bonus.. the weather has been perfect .

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