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We are one of the longest established riding schools in the Grimsby area. Established in 1948 by the Woodhead family in the grounds of Weelsby Old Hall.

We offer expert tuition to both beginner & advanced riders. We will help you improve your skills to whatever level you wish to achieve. We offer both full time and part time livery opportunities tailored to your needs.

We are a centre for The Pony Club & The Riding For The Disabled (R.D.A). We are approved & accredited by the British Horse Society (BHS), Association of British Riding Schools (ABRS) and by The Pony Club as a Pony Club Riding Centre.

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Weelsby Park Riding School
Fri 27th May at 19:36

Glenys has gone away on a well deserved holiday and left us holding the fort ! We have organised the times for the dressage on Monday, but please forgive us if we have missed anybody from the list - Glenys normally deals with this and we have had to decipher her handwriting !!!

Class 1
10.00 Harley - Crystal
10.10 Ruby - Midy
10.20 Erin - Albert
10.30 Evie - Harvey

Prize giving Class 1

Class 2
11.00 Abbey - Iggy
11.10 Lilly - Magic
11.20 Jessica - Lizzie
11.30 Harley - Crystal
11.40 Isobel - Indie

Prize giving Class 2

Class 3
12.00 Maddy - Cody
12.10 Georgia - Ellie
12.20 Ebony - Hugo
12.30 Fiona - Lizzie
12.40 Evie - Samus
12.50 Anya - Widget
1.00 Holly - Ellie
1.10 Pookie - Hugo
1.20 Ella - Trudi

Prize giving Class 3

We look forward to seeing you all - we have everything crossed that the weather is kind to us, lets hope it is not a typical Bank Holiday!

Weelsby Park Riding School
Wed 25th May at 22:57

It is a shame that the weather is so awful just before the Whit week Holiday i do hope it gets better over the weekend.
We have some activities arranged during the week and it is not too late to book a place and pony for some of them .
i have quite a few names down for those wishing to have a pony to groom during Whit Week if any more of you are interested please see Claire.
The novice day is full and i am sure the children will enjoy themselves .It is a first time most of them will have had the chance to look after a pony and it can be daunting and very exciting.
There are a few places left for the clear round jumping on the thursday morning so take advantage and have a go.
The Dressage on monday is a chance for the parents to help and watch their children and take pride in their progress.Entries will be taken up to Saturday evening when the times will be put up. Class 4 will be going first as Tracy Woodhead has kindly agreed to judge this class and her time is limited .What an opportunity to have her judge and comment on your efforts it will be as good as a lesson as she can guide you on your future tests.If any of the adults would like to join in this class you are most welcome as it will help you as well.
We have no RDA next week so anyone wanting a private lesson or semi private please get in touch as we do have a few spaces where we can put you in
Saturday the 4th is the Trip to the Heavy Horse Centre one or two seats remain if you wish to join the happy band who are already booked.
Sunday the 5th my ladies on the 11.30 am ride have requested a hack and Claire has duly obliged and has promised them a ride across the fields starting at 11.00am .Three of them are on holiday so there are places which can be filled .This is an adult ride so any of you ladies who fancy a leisure ride in good company on lovely ponies get in touch you can even sort out a bottle between you so you can have a small toast together when you return. HAPPY DAYS.

Weelsby Park Riding School
Sat 14th May at 17:28

I have had some requests to let those interested in the grooming of a pony through the holidays resume again for the Whit week holiday.I have already put some names down so those of you who would like to pick a pony please let us know.Over Easter the ponies loved their pampering and i think the children thoroughly enjoyed themselves as well.
The Dressage on the bank holiday Monday 30th May is going ahead with the following classes
Class 1 Walk and trot for those who do not wish to canter .
Class 2 a simple test with two very short canters a lovely test to get you going.
Class 3 test no 10 for the children who have not been placed 1st 2nd 3rd or 4th in a dressage competition .
Class 4 test 10 open to all
Class 5 test 10 for the mature riders only
Come on girls and boys have a go .There will be a barbacue on the go but the drinks are in the machine or you may bring your own.


Monday Dressage
Tuesday Very novice pony day.10am to 2 pm a small pack up required.. Numbers will be very limited on this as the children are so novice but they will groom etc and have two riding sessions the cost for this will be £40 oo
Wednesday normal riding please see the instructresses if private lessons are required or if the weather is good they will put on a hack for you.
Thursday Morning Clear round jumping £7.00 a round followed by normal riding
Friday the same as wed. extra rides can be arranged as needed.
Saturday 4th June Canter Club Outing a few seats remain if you wish to join them.

A Special Day A Special Ride for the Ladies 11 am on sunday 5th June Claire will take you out on a hack round the fields.Those wishing to stay behind on the 11 30 am ride will still have their ride with Kate so do not think my club ride is not on Ring or see Claire if you want to book a horse

Weelsby Park Riding School
Mon 9th May at 19:09

Three beautiful horses and one lovely pony went out of the yard this morning they were all beautifully turned out and looked real class.The sun was shining as they set off in a convoy of three vehicles for the RDA regional dressage competition.
when they arrived home this afternoon all four of them had qualified all their riders for the championships.
What a result Hugo was the absolute star with a score in one test of 84%/ a huge well done to all the riders and a very big thank you to all the instructors for helping them.
We all thank Shirley Kay for her tireless work with the RDA and also her band of helpers The RDA in Cleethorpes and Grimsby would not exist without them.
Thank you also to all my staff who look after the ponies so well.
Thirty years ago as of this time of the year i was down the park with a backpack on filled with weedkiller and Gladys Nuttall and Sylvia west both now sadly departed approached me to ask if it was possible to set up a RDA at Weelsby. I said yes i thought so but i would have a word with my sister Jean to verify it.
I honestly think it was one of the best decision i have ever made as it has enabled so many adults and children to do something which is so rewarding and theraputic and brings them such joy.Sadly Jean passed away in the August so she missed the starting up of the group
Thank you Shirley and the gang for making such a success of it you may be certain Weelsby will always back you

Weelsby Park Riding School
Sun 8th May at 15:09

A sunny day and a trip out for some of the ponies.Widget with Anya, Megan withClaire and, Evie, Fly with Savannah and Cherry pie with Issy and all came home with rosettes and very big smiles on their faces .
Di Brown and Kevin Loadman were very keen to tell me what a pleasure it was for all the weelsby group as the ponies were so well behaved it was a pleasure to be out with them all. well done when is the next one ?????????????

Weelsby Park Riding School
Mon 2nd May at 21:19

Very pleased to see Ian today he had a busy clinic and Kevin very kindly did the indoor and outdoor schools when he had finished and made them look very good thank you Kevin.your help is so welcome and appreciated.
Tonight was Tracy,s ride and there were smiles all round when it ended and as Jo pook commented it was so nice to see Tracy all smiles because everyone worked so hard to get it right.Well done girls roll on for the next one we all missed you Mel hope you enjoyed your suprise outing
It was also lovely to hear from Amy about her very successful outing with her three bay boys as she calls them.gaining four firsts with them was a great achievement. We have Holly going out again soon oh dear its rather nail biting time with the two girls.
Cody Hugo and the new RDA horse George are very busy getting ready for their regionals and we have some very excited riders getting ready for the big day I do hope they all qualify .It wont be for the want of trying.
The bus is filling up for the Canter Club outing to the Heavy Horse Centre but please get in touch if you would like to join them ,we still have a few seats empty and it looks as if it is going to be very good .

Weelsby Park Riding School
Sun 1st May at 19:22

I have had two enquiries about Tracy,s ride Monday 2nd May and yes it is on but Mel cannot make it as the firm is sending her away for an award ??? She has to wear loose clothing !!!!!!!!!!! the mind boggles.I cannot wait to see what she gets up to.See you other ladies tomorrow.

Weelsby Park Riding School
Sun 24th April at 18:35

Poor Kelly rose with the sun this morning drove Hugo to Hill House and back again without unloading because the event was cancelled so Hugo had to have his exercise at home.
Holly is in Ireland and in a CCI 2 at Ballindenisk she is according to her Father over the moon with a 2nd place only point7% behind Oliver Townsend and finishing on her Dressage score. this is on Master Caster well done Holly she has show jumping to do tomorrow on Fearnhill Facetime which is stood 7th in its section of a CCI 2.Lets hope she manages a clear round
Issy has had a long day out show jumping and has done very well and won a few rosettes .We now have show jumpers show riders and ponies and event riders and dressage horseS all attending the shows and doing well .Now the RDA are gearing themselves up ready for the regionals its practice makes perfect so they are all go It makes it very interesting in the yard .
Grace leaves us at the end of this week and we will all miss her lovely smile and sunny nature .She has gained her NVQ 3 and has a very exciting and interesting new job to go to still, i am pleased to say, with horses.We all wish her much success .Thank you Grace for spending your childhood with us It is now time for you to spread your wings . Don,t forget to call in and see us sometimes.x

Weelsby Park Riding School
Fri 22nd April at 17:25

Two days of sunshine and everything in the garden is taking off especially the weeds and son Ian gives me a lecture on his brief flying visits on the need to keep myself and the staff busy pulling up all the offending clumps of grass and weeds which insist on sprouting up where they are not wanted. As if thats all we have to do !!!!!
Tracy Rivett is starting the BHS Progressive riding tests next friday 29thApril so if anyone would like to join those who have already signed up please give me a ring or come and see me if you would like more details.
As we have been telling clients the riding lessons unfortunatly will have to have a small price increase from May 1st.we have absorbed the wage increase and all the other price rises for the past three years but we cannot absorb two more in one year. The cost of a one hour group will go to £25.00 and half hours to £13.00 and a half hour private lesson will be £ 30 oo. The prices stated for the courses will remain the same and so will the activity days we are all sorry about the costs but we cannot continue as they are.
Holly is in Ireland competing .It is very difficult keeping tracks as to her exploits as she seems to live a very busy life at the moment.I have to try and follow her on the internet not easy for someone like me who couldn,t even type a few years ago but hey i can do a bit on this computer now .I occasionaly mess it up but i have a very good friend who bails me out.
There will not be a dressage competition on May Day Monday as Ian is having a clinic on that day so there will be no room for us.There will definatly be one on Whit Monday and the crafty ones are already booking their favourite pony..!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Weelsby Park Riding School
Mon 18th April at 15:15

Apprentice position is available with us starting very soon .A nvq one or two will be an advantage please ring 01472355562 if you would like to arrange an interview . Thank you.

Weelsby Park Riding School
Sun 17th April at 22:04

good evening a short memo to let you know Tracy is definatly here Monday evening for the Ride at 6 pm Have put your names down please let me know if you cannot make it Thank you

Weelsby Park Riding School
Thu 14th April at 11:12

ATTENTION CANTER CLUB.The first outing has been arranged by Lisa for this year on Saturday June 4th.
It is a visit to the Heavy horse Centre at North Cotes and.there will be a chance to interact with the heavy horses .see the birds of prey,the resident Alpacas and plenty more .Pack a picnic and meet at the stables at 8 30 am arriving back at Weelsbybetween 3 30 and 4.00pm.Mums are very welcome and if you are not a member of the Canter Club but would like to go on the trip please see Jill or myself.
The cost for the trip is £ 22 00 Lisa has managed to keep it to the same as a morning with the Club and it promises to be very interesting.. Please book your place with Jill Thank you .

Weelsby Park Riding School
Wed 13th April at 17:10

There was a marked difference to the ponies in the" pampering pony contest " even though some children appeared every dayand others only a few times the grooming got better and better as the children scrubbed and polished .There were some very good answers to the questions asked and the most improved winner was Isobel Cook who had Indi to contend with and his white bits took a lot of hard work and elbow grease to get clean.
Maddie stuck to her guns with Ellie who being a grey took a lot of keeping clean.I dont think she missed a day and she really impressed us .Anya also worked very hard with widget and although he insisted on having a stained hock EVERY DAY Anya also perserved and tried to get him clean .I know when Di and Anya took him to a competition on Sunday Di tried everything on this naughty hock and it still did not come persil white.White soap and blue bags included.I got the distinct impression Widget had the last laugh.
Sophie did a good job on Cody and Holly wools got more confident by the day and so did her Mum who did help Holly at first next time i will give her her own pony to groom and it can be mum V Daughter
It was also lovely to see June Wyatt showing her grandaughter Clarice how to do a good job with the curry comb and brush watch it June or i will have you back helping in the yard .We can still show these young ones how to do it properly.
Emily did a very good job with Lizzie and it did show that the girls who now help on a Saturday are really at home round the ponies now Good girl Emily
The little ones Jessica Kaitlin Jessica C and Erin also played their part and so did the Mums .We are honouring the promise of a ride so please note !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Claire has suggested that Erin stays on for the 4pm ride sat
Anya and Jessica Cambell Wed 20th evening 7 15pm
Emily 6 15 wed 20th.
Jess and kaitlin can you make this Saturday at 3.00pm
Harriet and Holly Wools wed 20th at 5.15
Sophie and Clarice see Jill .on Saturday
Friday 15th april the riding course is due to start with Tracy Rivett Please let us know if you are attending or would you like to start the following week 22nd april

Weelsby Park Riding School
Sun 10th April at 20:30

I have just had a query regarding the ride Monday evening .Tracy is in London and will not be back but some would like to do what they did last time she was away and came and rode with Di Brown acting as Tracy,s eyes and taking notes .It was very successful Just give me a nod if you are comming and the ponies will wait for you xx
Amy has had success at the Dressage Winter Championships .Qualified for Four tests and gained rosettes in all of them finishing today with a well deserved 2nd place and her other ride came 8th
There was also three ponies out competing today and they also all came home with a rosette each >Huge smiles from the riders and big pats and treats for the well behaved ponies /horse. Well done everyone having read the test sheets we Know what to work on so its onwards and upwards. xx

Weelsby Park Riding School
Fri 8th April at 19:02

The pony pampering has been going very well and Di Brown has been in the yard quizzing some of the children who have been taking part. She has been most impressed by those whom she has met while she has been here and the improvement in the grooming has been amazing ..The ponies all look great and Kate is organising when the children get their reward ride.It has even worked well for some of the parents and they have had a ball helping with the grooming as well.
If your child is a little nervous being around the ponies and learning how to handle them can be a very big boost to their confidence and their riding will improve at the same time.Also it can be very calming. I am a great believer in telling your ponies your worries and troubles .They listen and do not judge you and they keep your secrets so you can chat away to them and not get judged .Very good for the ego.

Weelsby Park Riding School
Tue 5th April at 16:58

Tomorrow the 6th April Jill was going to have a countryside challenge but we cannot as yet get into the paddock to ride it,s too wet !!!!!! So we are having a great handy pony instead .This will start about 10 30 and it is £8 00 to take part .If you wish to have a go get in touch or come down early tomorrow so you can book your pony. It is all great fun and you are most welcome to have a go.The children who have already booked on the challenge will have the same pony . SEE YOU TOMORROW ???????????

Weelsby Park Riding School
Sun 3rd April at 22:10

I am such a happy Grannie tonight with Holly riding DHI Lupison in a CIC International at Burnham Manor and finishing safe and sound..There were 80 riders in her section and she finished 4th I was so pleased Ian was with her today and Jess Griffiths went down and took a fantastic picnic and fed everyone .What a lovely friend to the girls she is.
Amy dropped in as well today on a flying visit. but we managed to have a word with Holly before she was whisked away and she was buzzing .Well done darling .Then Amy had to fly off .Its her turn next she has her nationals at Hartbury either next weekend or the following one .I will have no nails left soon the stress of it all .
Kate and her daughter Chloe took LALA out to Kenwick today and had a real good time .Chloe was on a winning streak and the pony behaved brilliantly.She won two beautiful sashes and some huge rosettes and a very large Easter Bunny i think the judges had to have a quick change of a prize as they were giving bottles and it was not appropiate for a child so she got the lovely mascot a huge white bunny.instead

Weelsby Park Riding School
Thu 31st March at 19:51

Another lovely day here with the children doing their grooming .It is already making a difference and we seem to have happy faces all round .When the grooming duties had finished today i saw poles and drums arriving in the courtyard and i thought oh no what,s going on now but it was so the children could learn how to clean their saddles..They had much more room in the yard and the sun was shining on them so it was very nice to be out.and they could rest their saddles on the poles.
This afternoon there seemed to be a few little people Looking for something to do so Claire handed them all a hoofpick and set them weeding round the conker tree.now you Mums and Dads can get your gardens swept cleaned polished and weeded .
They have done so well and it is a pleasure to have them on the yard i am looking forward to see how much more they can learn to do by the end of next week.

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