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We are one of the longest established riding schools in the Grimsby area. Established in 1948 by the Woodhead family in the grounds of Weelsby Old Hall.

We offer expert tuition to both beginner & advanced riders. We will help you improve your skills to whatever level you wish to achieve. We offer both full time and part time livery opportunities tailored to your needs.

We are a centre for The Pony Club & The Riding For The Disabled (R.D.A). We are approved & accredited by the British Horse Society (BHS), Association of British Riding Schools (ABRS) and by The Pony Club as a Pony Club Riding Centre.

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Weelsby Park Riding School
Thu 30th October at 21:05

I do hope you are all enjoying looking at the photos I love them such happy faces .Wait until you see the next lot of action pictures they will be up next week.
Amy is here this weekend if you want a private lesson with her please contact Lisa or Amy.
We are already getting our Xmas activities schedule ready starting with the Boxing day special rides. Booking is already open
I am looking for feedback on holding a two day course for the higher standard of rider which will be a combined dressage and jumping competition. The first day dressage training followed by a test and the second day the jumping phase in the morning and an accumulator event in the afternoon the ones taking part will be able to have a sleepover at the stables. I already have one eager participant so let me know who is interested and we can go ahead and make arrangements and see if we have enough horses .Those here with their own ought to take up this challenge
There will be own a pony days and a xmas party day. Let us have a Xmas to remember full of fun and games.
Our new recruit j jay has now had his makeover and what a smart boy he looks now .He has even decided to join in as an obedient young man and stop playing the fool I know a lot of children who have behaved like him when they first go to school but he is such a sweetie at heart I know he will become a firm favourite


Weelsby Park Riding School
Facebook IconWed 29th October at 17:01

Weelsby Park Riding School added 40 photos.

These are the photographs that Linda Loadman took at the dressage championships hope you enjoy them. More information to follow about pictures you can buy from the action during the day.

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Weelsby Park Riding School
Sun 26th October at 21:19

Sorry I have not been able to share the activities taking place here over the past week before tonight but it has been a week of who is where?????? Amy appeared mid week for "one day only" and I managed to see her for a total of 15 mins.She seemed to be in a hurry but assured me all was ok Something to do with tyres for Holly.
Holly is in Holland riding at the elite Sales and her father told me today that she has received rave notices for her riding at the Auction this weekend where she had six horses to produce Well Done !!!.Holly also has a beautiful photograph of herself with Luke in the Event magazine Proud Gran.
Michael is away doing his professional grooming stint and this time it is a two week break. I will have loads of work lined up for him on his return.
We are very sorry to say goodbye to Spirit but he is going to a very nice home and I am sure will be really appreciated and look after his new owner .I know he is a lovely boy and she is very lucky to get him.
We do have some more horses and ponies here who are for sale and details will be posted soon Anyone looking for a good teenager's or small adult horse to compete on get in touch. A phone call is a good means of communication. I also have two beautiful ponies for sale.
Everything is now ready for Jill's Halloween parties .There are a couple of places left if anyone out there wants to join in

Weelsby Park Riding School
Facebook IconSun 19th October at 17:20

What a super time we had on Saturday at the final of our dressage competition. The yard was very busy from 7o'clock onwards and there was plenty of elbow grease being used as the ponies were not all pristine clean. Many attempted to plait up which really pleased me as it shows pride in appearance.
Di Brown judged impartially and she was very pleased at the smiles she got from the competitors and the varied attempts at a salute brought a smile to the faces of. all of us watching
I am so grateful to Mr And Mrs Lodeman for the sponsorship of the event and the prizes and rosettes are really lovely .Well done to all the winners .I will get my computer literate friends to put me up a list of all the results as soon as possible
The next series will start again soon and I hope we all enjoy ourselves as much as we have this past few months
Before I sign off this post I wish to thank from the bottom of my heart Kevin. Without his help we could not have had such a success with our competition days Also a very big thank you to my staff for helping well beyond the call of duty God Bless you all ..

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Weelsby Park Riding School

We are one of the longest established riding schools in the Grimsby area. Established in 1948 by the Woodhead family in the grounds of Weelsby Old Hall.

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Weelsby Park Riding School
Wed 15th October at 17:16


Walk and Trot Test - Class 1
Maddy and Indi 8.30
Alexa and Snoopy 8.37
Lucy B and Piper 8.44
Lilly and Midi 8.51
Isobella C and Blue 8.58
Alice and Harvey 9.05
Jacky and Sam 9.12
Mia and Saffy 9.19
Olivia F and Snoopy 9.26
Holly W and Piper 9.33
Lucy W and Midi 9.40
Sophie P and Albert 9.47

Prelim 7 - Class 2
Amber and Indi 10.07
Lucy G and Crystal 10.14
Izzy and Lucky 10.21
Ellie and Magic 10.28
Evie and Megan 10.35
Brook and Lizzie 10.42
Harle and Saffy 10.49
Anya and Indi 10.56
Amelia and Magic 11.03
Jessica and Harvey 11.10

Sue and Widget 11.15
Georgia and Sam 11.22
Fiona and Lizzie 11.29
Abbie and Widget 11.36
Ryan and Sam 11.43

Novice 98 - Class 3
Emma and Smokey Joe 12.00
Izzy and Cherry Pie 12.10

We are looking forward to a great day - we have lots going on - the Canter Club are doing a Great Weelsby Bake Off - we have a photographer for the day and also a stall selling "Gloryboards"

Good Luck Everyone !!!

Weelsby Park Riding School
Facebook IconSun 12th October at 09:52

gorgeous picture of Pepsie we all wish him the best of luck at his retirement home which happens to be in the next door field. hopefully he will still visit us.

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Weelsby Park Riding School
Sat 11th October at 20:45

I have decided to retire Pepsi from the riding school and let him go to a home where he will be loved and treated as he should be. When he first came to us he was meant for Amy to ride but as she outgrew his capabilities I pinched him for the riding school. He was and is a very good jumper and hunting and x country were always what he loved. He is going to a home where he will hack and have no pressure put on him .I love this pony he is a survivor and does not suffer fools easily. I have not known many ponies who can so utterly switch off if he feels like it but if ridden the right way he is capable of giving his rider absolute joy. Shanean already has Bob and Pepsi will join him tomorrow I know she will look after him very well.

Weelsby Park Riding School
Facebook IconFri 10th October at 16:37

Weelsby Park Riding School shared Lewis Collins's status update.

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Lewis Collins

'Star' -
8 year old, 14.2hh, chestnut mare.
Super all rounder - schooling well on the flat, jumps, 100% safe hacking out in road or across fields. Would do well showing as she has very flashy natural paces.
Star is a lovely natured mare that is now ready to go out and compete in any discipline. She is a little nervous around the farrier but has progressed a lot whilst being with us.
She is a quick learner and will make someone a brilliant pony.
Pm me for more details - or call 01472 355562 - 07852504041.

Weelsby Park Riding School
Fri 10th October at 16:33


We have two saddles for sale -
Black Jaguar dressage saddle and also a Brown Albion dressage saddle.
Both in brilliant condition

Pictures to follow.

Please PM here for details or contact Amy or Tracy Woodhead for more details

Weelsby Park Riding School
Facebook IconFri 10th October at 09:03

Here is a lovely picture of Grant that I have been given from the RDA. This picture is of him competing with his rider Julie.

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Weelsby Park Riding School
Fri 10th October at 08:55

We have three spaces for winter training available, breaking in, re-starting and general training to suit any horse and rider. Please PM me or contact the yard and also Tracy Woodhead on 07940508488.

Weelsby Park Riding School
Thu 9th October at 21:19

I am overwhelmed by the love you all had for Grant .Thank you for all the lovely comments and it shows how much happiness and on occasions frustration a genuine school horse or pony can bring to so many people. My late sister Jean always liked her school horses to have a lot of character and I can remember trying to ride some of the more exuberant ones she recruited and thinking what do we do with this one will it ever be a good school horse and Jean proving yes it would /. You can only teach good riding on decent willing animals and my sister taught me a lot about that.
I have just gained a new recruit called j jay. Hopefully to help Saffy out. What a sweet little horse I am sure you will all love him He is not a Grant but in his own way will be just as valuable an asset to us

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