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We are one of the longest established riding schools in the Grimsby area. Established in 1948 by the Woodhead family in the grounds of Weelsby Old Hall.

We offer expert tuition to both beginner & advanced riders. We will help you improve your skills to whatever level you wish to achieve. We offer both full time and part time livery opportunities tailored to your needs.

We are a centre for The Pony Club & The Riding For The Disabled (R.D.A). We are approved & accredited by the British Horse Society (BHS), Association of British Riding Schools (ABRS) and by The Pony Club as a Pony Club Riding Centre.

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Weelsby Park Riding School
Mon 8th February at 16:16

we have just got the power back on after being in the dark for quite a while apparently a black out of over 1000 houses so we were not alone.I do hate having to readjust all the timers but it is better than sitting in the dark.Even my mobile,s battery went flat and i couldn,t re charge it.
Ian has been here today and kept everyone busy i think he is here again in a fortnight Tracy Rivett popped in for a lesson with him and assured me all is well for Friday 6 pm the start of the new course.There is still time to put your name down if interested.Ring me if you wish to know more about it.

We are also doing a first aid at work course provisionally a week today but if that is too soon to organise yourselves i can put it back to later in Feb but it will still be on a monday .If you wish to take part please ring me asap as numbers are limited .It is taking place at Weelsby and it is a full day one i will arrange the times tomorrow.

I am also taking names for the Easter "LOOK AFTER A PONY " it is something you can enjoy with your favourite and happily for your parents will cost nothing .ask or ring for details.

Weelsby Park Riding School
Fri 29th January at 15:47

There has been so many enquiries about the summer four day courses that we are already taking bookings .THE NOTICE IS UP IN THE SCHOOL so please read it and note the dates and who is taking that particuler week. They are graded to ability so that it will be better for the children and they can all improve together .
Please remember we have activities on during the half term week starting on the sunday with a dressage competition and ending on the Friday with a very interesting day for the more mature ladies and older teenagers if they want to join in .I can assure you it will be fun.
Tracy Rivett is looking forward to starting her new course on Friday12th of Feb.There are a number of names down please get in touch if you are hoping to join in .It will be well worth it and don,t forget there is no test fee only the fee for the instruction as if it was night school.
Many of you have a wish list and quite often at the topof the list is the dream of having a horse or pony.Well if there are enough takers i will let you have a pony to groom and generally look after during the Easter Holidays .this means you commit to the pony of your choice and let us know when you will be down to groom etc.
You all love to ride the ponies but there is far more to it than just riding them .they are like you and need love and attention as well. At the end of the holidays there will be various awards given as well as a special ride for those taking part.

Weelsby Park Riding School
Mon 25th January at 21:29

We are very pleased to welcome ian back on two seperate visits this week Sunday just gone and Tomorrow Tuesday.I just wish he had time to chat when he arricves .but he is a very busy man and it,s just lovely to see him.
It was also very nice to get the feedback on Tracys ride this evening .Most of the riders called in to say hi before going home and to let me know how they got on and a very enjoyable time was had by all.
I really have some great horses for our riders at the moment and i am so pleased they are appreciated.They are the true workers of the world and can show their puffed up competition mates what it really means to help riders improve. i do so love them all x

Weelsby Park Riding School
Sun 24th January at 21:07

I have had a message sent with photographs of some of the horses and ponies in the nineties from Eve Grey Thank you so much they are lovely and it has filled me with memories. To see Kate on a pony and pat Bell lisa Bell and many more i must get them on to my photograph pages .Thank you Eve call in and say hello sometime i would love to see you again x

Weelsby Park Riding School
Sun 24th January at 20:55

i am pleased to let you know that Tracy,s ride is on tomorrow Monday at 6 00pm
This ride is now full as Tracy likes to do all her riders justice so she keeps the numbers down but if anyone would like to form another ride she will put one in at 5 00 pm.A very good opportunity to ride with a top graded coach.>There are not many in this area.
A few weeks ago i mentioned a pony called Edward may be comming to join the school but unfortunatly his owner rang to say he had been taken ill so he would be staying at home .I do hope he will be ok but we still have loads of little monkeys to ride here

Weelsby Park Riding School
Fri 22nd January at 21:00

Thank you Marie Kate Jade Kerry and Savannahfor running the yard between you whenyou were so short staffed for much of the time especially early this morning.All the horses and ponies got their exercise and wash and brush up and a special thank you to Mollie you are a darling and be assured we will make sure your dreams really will come true specially if you carry on as you are doing .
if any of you wish to flex your muscles over the weekend we would love your help .I could bribe you with the promise of a ride ???????????????????????

Weelsby Park Riding School
Mon 11th January at 13:26

We have been planning our half term activities this morning, time seems to be speeding along this year already and it will be here before we know it!

Sunday 14th February
Dressage competition - come and spend the morning with the pony you love
Walk/Trot test - nice and simple for the beginners
Prelim 7 test - a little canter included for the improvers
Riding Test 98 - a more challenging test

£10 per entry. Times confirmed Friday 12th February


Tuesday 16th February
Pony for a Day
Fun and games for children
9.30am - 3.30pm Bring a pack-up

£40 per child


Thursday 18th February
Clear round showjumping
Join us for a morning showjumping
All ages and abilities welcome, from barely more than a pole on the ground to the very brave (or crackers, depending on your opinion!!!)

£7 per round


Friday 19th February
Advanced Activity Day
Fun and games for older and more experienced riders
9.30am - 3.30pm

£40 per person


Bookings are now being taken for all of the above events, speak to your instructor or give us a call on 01472 355562 to reserve your place.

Weelsby Park Riding School
Sat 9th January at 22:31

How lovely to have a visit from Holly this weekend .She raided the fridge ,drank copious cups of tea,Raided the bread bin,and borrowed my computer to put all her info on a new phone .I get a huge hug and kisses and she is off to fly to Ireland with her Dad Its a good job i am a doting Grannie my head is still spinning.
I have also until yesterday been looking after Amy,s Ralph The biggest worry was not to lose him as he is such a needy little soul and spent most of his time looking for her but i managed even though we had a big scare one day when a kind hearted lady picked him up at the gate and took him off with her thinking he was lost but my super staff saw her with him and got him back .What a palava i made sure he did not repeat that little adventure.
Ian and Heidie,s lovely young horse went home this week He was such a good boy and now he is going to grow this year and get ready for starting work next year. We have now a beautiful section c into break which is destined for the show ring .I am so excited her owner has some very nice showing cobs so a pony is a big change for them. I love the showing side but it has been put on the back burner for quite a long time with the eventing and Dressage
Piper has gone to his owners in retirement and i would like to thank Lisa and Steve for allowing us to have him in the school. He has certainly taught many children to ride over the years and he could have a real mind of his own when he felt like it.He also was very talented and i loved him for his character we will miss him a lot but he will be happy where he is.

Weelsby Park Riding School
Sun 3rd January at 21:06

I would like to wish on behalf of Weelsby Park Riding school a Happy and prosperous 2016 to all our friends and clients.
Last year was a very sad year for me but with my lovely family and absouletly priceless friends pushing me i am now ready to face this new year head on.
We are going to have plenty of fun for both young and "older" riders so get your requests in and we will try very hard to oblige.
Thank you

Weelsby Park Riding School
Mon 28th December at 22:29

I am now back at Weelsby after spending Xmas with Ian and Heidi I have had a lovely time .Very good company super food and meeting new friends.Seeing Amy for a short time and chatting to Holly on the phone.
What a mess some people are in over there round York.Watching the fire brigade pump water out of a house a few doors away has been a real eye opener and my heart goes out to the unlucky ones who have lost possessions over these past few days . What an awful Xmas for them.
A very big thank you goes to the ones who have kept everything safe and sound here.Lisa Jo, Claire Grace Jill Jade Savannah Kate and the younger ones who have all taken it in turns to keep the horses and stables ship shape.I really do have super staff and friends. Kevin was a star and averted a flood in the yard during a teriffic downpour while i was away i will have to crown him the king of the drain rods Thank you Kevin i am so grateful.
Tracy has had a very good ride tonight and the next one is a fortnight today.on the11th January please let me know if you will be here .

Weelsby Park Riding School
Thu 17th December at 23:29

another very busy week trying to get ready for xmas.The RDA had their last session today until January and they had some beautiful food on offer for their last party before the big day.and have the staff had a ball eating all the goodies left over.The 2 00 pm ladies also dressed up in tinsel and had their own party all fun and games .It does you good to revert to your childhood occasionally and Jill was halarious with her new elf hat on which had huge ears i didn,t even reckonise her when she walked through my door .she really is a one off and a joy to have on the yard.What made me laugh was the fact she had driven her car from Waltham with it on its a wonder the police didn,t pull her over.
Holly has had a very good day out with Rudolph and Felix winning four classes at Addington well done Holly.
Amy has been at olympia with Carl Hester and Charlotte but she is back now with her nose to the grindstone busy as ever
We have another little pony come to please or annoy the children depending on their capabilities He is called Edward and he will be in the school when we have got him a bit fitter .He has been lazing his life away in a field so he will now have to get used to work !!!!! JP has settled in very well and is getting quite a following already so lets hope Edward does the same.
Canter club party on Saturday and Santa is comming HOHOHO

Weelsby Park Riding School
Fri 11th December at 21:58

The tree is decorated and they let little Grace smallest staff member climb up the side of the school to hang the star on the top she was very proud of her accomplishment.
.A very big thank you from all at Weelsby to Pauline Strawson for the lovely tree. Christmas would not be the same if the school did not look festive and bright.
There was not a peek from any of the ponies or horses so its ok riders you will not have to face any high jinks from them .they were perfect tonight.
Next week we have a new member of staff joining us .I am pleased to welcome back Kerry Gibney who rode with us from a very young age to leaving school and going to Bishop Burton to train and take her BHSAI also gaining a distinction level in a National Diploma Horse management Equitation .I am pleased she stuck it out and gained her qualifications .
Kerry now has a young family so her hours will be limited but we will have to make the most of her time she will be able to spend with us
I personally feel that weelsby has the most valuable and talented group of instructors in the area.Starting with Ian amy and Holly when they do clinics here. .Tracy Woodhead who is willing to take group and private lessons.Claire Kate and Jill who all do sterling work teachingClaire and Kate with the young horses as well and Jade and Grace who are both doing very well at their Level 3 Jade helping with young stock and getting her instruction going and Grace who the parents love and who gets on so well with all the children and the adults .Keats are very pleased with the way her teaching is really shaping up.
This will be for a mature knowledgable person who can groom and do all stable duties without constant supervision.There will be an opportunity to ride but it is not a riding position.Being able to trim and clip a good advantage Ring or get in touch if interested and you can learn more about the work on offer.
I will have to stop now i have writers cramp.Good night g x

Weelsby Park Riding School
Thu 10th December at 17:24

hurrah !!!!!!!!!!! Xmas tree up now to get it decorated anyone free tomorrow????????????????????
ponies love it when there are baubles about can anyone remember Dumpy when he carried them around in his mouth like a kiddies dummy causing great laughter with everyone specially the rider on him.

Weelsby Park Riding School
Mon 7th December at 21:09

What a good time was had by all tonight 0n the ride. Tracey is so good at fetching out the best in people and the horses enjoy it as well.Over xmas she is happy to teach on Monday the 21st and Monday 28th.If you wish to join in please put your name down .
The Xmas parties are nearly full there is room for one on the canter club and one on xmas eve.
The friday xmas day riders can come on sunday if they want or Boxing Day at 11.00am or 12.00 noon you may wish for some exercise after big dinners on Xmas day.The diary will be down the school for bookings
.The only day we are closed is on the 25th.
There is an activity day on wednesday30th
Please forgive us for any disruption to your nornal times of riding we will do our best to have a really enjoyable fortnight .The most important thing to remember it is a season to be Jolly and have a good time.AND remember the stocking for your favourite pony or horse it only needs a carrot an apple some polos or mints and you will have a friend for life fetch the stocking with its name on and hang it near your ponies stable .Get permission from your parents if you are raiding the vegetable rack.

Weelsby Park Riding School
Sun 6th December at 18:07

Thank you for the phone call today Mel it made me check on the Monday evening ride and yes it is on tomorrow .Hope to see all you ladies for your workout. will Jayne be able to make it

Weelsby Park Riding School
Tue 1st December at 21:30

suprise !!suprise!!! Number one son has come to call early i did not expect him until tomorrow and it is so lovely to see him when he is not rushing about teaching. The best thing is he is cooking me a ;supper smells good looks good and i will enjoy it.
Suprises like this i can really appreciate .

Weelsby Park Riding School
Sat 28th November at 22:51

It seems to be all go here at Weelsby .and although there is a nasty bug hitting various clients and members of the staff those who manage to stay on their feet are doing a very sterling job.
The weather this week has not been good and the horrible wind can turn round and blow back where it came from.
lisa has got the Christmas bug and has got a Xmas tree today i hope the pines stay on until the big day ,it is many years since we had a real tree in the house so i am looking forward to seeing it when she has finished decorating.
A few parents have asked me to get them a Team Weelsby hoodie for their children as a xmas present so if anyone else would like one please let me know because they take a while to come as they have to get the name on etc.Don,t forget the xmas activities .The xmas parties are filling up specially the Canter Club one Members must put their names down if they wish to attend .More news soon.

Weelsby Park Riding School
Mon 23rd November at 12:29

Please remember there is NO Tracy riding lesson tonight she is away.

Weelsby Park Riding School
Sat 21st November at 21:50

Amy has sent her apologies for not being able to fulfill her arrangements with those who booked on her jumping lessons today but she was only informed on Friday that she would be needed to ride for Carl Hestor on Saturday at the dressage convention at Hartbury.
As her commitment to Carl comes first on her agenda she has put it all back to hopefully next Saturday .I think she has been promised the week-end for giving up this one.
I am assured she has had the most wonderful time riding in the demonstrations at Hartbury spesially as Carl put her up on Nip Tuck.Lucky girl

Weelsby Park Riding School
Wed 18th November at 20:24

Amy is back home this weekend and is teaching on Saturday, a nearly brave jumping lesson for beginners and a getting braver jumping lesson for the more confident!!!
Please get in touch and book your pony asap.

Tracey will not be here on Monday so there will be no lesson this week for her ladies, however Amy has volunteered her services if you would like a group lesson on Saturday ladies, please just give Glenys a call or message us here.

Weelsby Park Riding School
Tue 17th November at 19:37

The Canter Club Party has been arranged on Saturday 19th of December.Please will those members who want to be on it put your names down and also the pony you hope to ride .There will be time to get your pony ready as it will go on until at least 10 30.
The open party is on the24th December starting at 10.00am.The ponies and riders can be dressed up with trimmings as Father Christmas will be paying a visit and he likes to see everyone having a great time.Some of the ponies have already been booked so get your request in soon so you are not disappointed.
If it is overbooked we can always schedule another one.
The rest of the holiday activities will appear very soon.

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