Livery opportunities at Weelsby are available on a full and working basis.

Our facilities include an indoor school, outdoor arena, secure tack facilities, regular visits from equine professionals and discounted in-house riding tuition.

Horses are fed and watered and are provided with a stable and bedding. They are groomed and on request exercised or turned out (limited but fair i.e. no horse or pony has 24 hour 7 day turn out).

All shoeing and vets bills are met by the owner, and there is a charge for clipping and rug cleaning. The riding school reserves the right to refuse to clip badly behaved horses or ponies. Access to the yard is available from 7am to 9pm weekdays and 7am to 6pm Saturdays on weekends, although access outside of these hours due to competition commitments is available with notice.

Working liveries are worked a minimum of 4 hours per week. Riders may join in in-house riding lessons at half price and have unlimited access to the indoor school and outdoor arena subject to the needs of the riding school and other riders.

A blacksmith visits once each week. A Chartered Equine Physiotherapist calls every 6-8 weeks and a qualified dentist attends every 6 months.